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Every negotiation has the same structure: regardless of participants, nature and object (a sale, a purchase, trade union bargaining, etc.) is characterized by an identical process.
Each phase of the process requires skills that, when understood, properly trained and developed, improve the expected results.
NegoPro® Digital analyzes this process.

The training is held in English.

NegoPro® Digital – English Edition



A company does’t need just champions or aces. They are important but not enough.
That’s when we get in: we give people and companies tools to reach value added agreements and better relationships.

  • What makes negotiation different from other ways to handle conflict.
  • Facing the dilemma of trusting others.
  • Managing and working in negotiation teams.
  • Preparing for any negotiation.
  • Recognizing and using negotiating power.
  • Developing an efficient dialogue by asking and listening.
  • Managing complaints.
  • Making proposals and getting feedback.
  • Trading concessions in a win – win approach.
  • Creating value when closing agreements.
Technical requirements

All you need to participate is a PC or tablet with webcam, microphone, speakers and a stable network connection.

NegoPro® Digital English Edition

Numbers of NegoPro® Digital

  • 3 days of intense live streaming training
  • 1 individual coaching session
  • 6 participants
  • 2 assessments online (before and after the class)
  • 1 abstract
  • 1 learning test
  • 1 certificate of attendance.
Choose the date:

19-20th October + 16th November