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The use of the Bridge Partners® s.r.l. website by any visitor (the "User") is subject to the unreserved acceptance of the terms, conditions and communications contained therein. Bridge Partners® s.r.l reserves the right to modify the content and format of the website at its own discretion or to suspend its use without prior notice. Access to the site and use of the site by the User implies acceptance of all the above terms and conditions.

Using the website

The User agrees and agrees to use this site in accordance with the provisions of Italian law. The User also agrees and agrees not to: 1) modify, damage or destroy, knowingly and without authorization, computer systems, computer networks, software, websites and programs of Bridge Partners® s.r.l or other users or the documents and data contained therein; 2) use the site to conduct or attempt to conduct any practice or activity or to facilitate the performance of any activity prohibited by law. Any action taken by the User that results in the blocking of access to this site by other users or Bridge Partners® s.r.l will be considered as an illegal act.

Controlling the use of the site

By using the Site, the User expressly consents to an administrative check at any time. The User is also aware of the possibility that the operators of the site may provide evidence of any criminal acts found during the aforementioned control to the competent judicial authorities. If the User does not consent to such a check, he/she is requested to leave the site immediately.


Bridge Partners® s.r.l. has made every effort to offer up-to-date, correct and clear information. However, it is possible that some of the information contained in the site may be incorrect. With reference to any clause of this Agreement, but not exclusively, Bridge Partners® s.r.l. does not assume any responsibility in relation to unintentional errors and the correctness of news, financial or other information and data contained in the pages of the company's website. With regard to news, financial or other information and data contained in the servers of BRIDGE PARTNERS® SRL, the above material has been prepared by Bridge Partners® s.r.l. staff using various resources and is subject to change without notice to the User. Bridge Partners® s.r.l. does not subscribe to any guarantee or declaration of any kind in relation to the quality, content, completeness, suitability, accuracy, adequacy, sequentiality or timeliness of the contents of this site.

Links to third party websites

The pages of Bridge Partners® s.r.l.'s website may, both now and in the future, contain links to websites controlled or managed by third parties. Any sites that can be visited directly through the links contained in the Bridge Partners® s.r.l. website are not subject to the company's control. Bridge Partners® s.r.l. does not assume any responsibility in relation to information, communications or material contained in such sites, or which may be obtained from links contained within the same. Links to third party sites present on Bridge Partners® s.r.l.'s website are provided for indicative purposes only and do not in any way constitute a form of approval or validation by Bridge Partners® s.r.l. of the contents of said sites or of any products and/or services marketed therein. Each third party site implements its own policy in relation to the suitability of information accessible to the public. The User must therefore be held solely and exclusively responsible for the use of pointers and links to third party sites.

Intellectual Property

The User acknowledges that the Bridge Partners® s.r.l. website contains intellectual property protected by national and international laws protecting trademarks, professional secrecy and/or copyright. Therefore, the User agrees and agrees not to use, reproduce and distribute copies of any part of this site or its content, or create material inspired by it, and not to take any other action likely to violate the intellectual property rights of Bridge Partners® s.r.l.

Assumption of risk

By using the pages of Bridge Partners® s.r.l.'s website for any purpose, the User assumes all risks connected with the use of the website itself and its individual pages. Such risks also refer, but not exclusively, to any possible risk of damage to the User's computer, software or data by computer viruses, software or other files that could be transmitted or activated through a Bridge Partners® s.r.l. web page or through the User's access to the said page. Under no circumstances shall Bridge Partners® s.r.l. be held liable for any direct, indirect, specific, emerging, consequential or punitive damages, including, but not limited to, lost profits or income deriving from the use or improper use of this website or connected to it, or from any other information, lack of information, documentation, software, service or other material obtained through any of the Bridge Partners® s.r.l. web pages. The User also assumes all risks arising from the use of this site, whether they are inherent to the subject matter of the Agreement, any illegal acts committed or the assumption of unconditional or other liability, even if Bridge Partners® s.r.l and/or any of the company's employees, partners or representatives are aware of the possibility of damage, whatever its nature. Bridge Partners® s.r.l. does not assume any liability for any loss or damage caused in whole or in part by its own actions, omissions or circumstances beyond its control and in which the company has incurred in order to collect, prepare, provide, display or transmit information, or resulting from any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the information regardless of the cause, or resulting from decisions or actions taken or not taken by the User in relation to the information provided or lack thereof.

Forbidden use

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY THE USER ACCESS OR ATTEMPT TO ACCESS THE COMPUTER SYSTEM OR THE COMPUTER NETWORK OF BRIDGE PARTNERS® S.R.L. OR PART OF THEM IN ORDER TO CARRY OUT ACTS OF FRAUD OR THEFT TO THE DETRIMENT OF THIRD PARTIES OR VIOLATION OF NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL LAWS. BRIDGE PARTNERS® SRL reserves the right, at its own discretion, to put an end to the use of this site by the User or to forbid the User in the future, in the event of improper or unauthorized or prohibited use of the site by the same.


The User agrees and agrees to indemnify Bridge Partners® s.r.l, its managers, representatives, employees or other personnel employed by the company in relation to any liability, expense, legal fees or damage arising from the use of this site or related to it, including any claims of facts that, if actually occurred, could be in violation of the terms and conditions of this Agreement by the User.

Absence of contractual relations

The User acknowledges that the use of this website does not imply the existence of relationships of any kind, including, but not limited to, partnerships, joint ventures or employment, contractual or representative relationships between the User and Bridge Partners® s.r.l or the partners or employees of the company.

Applicable law

The execution of this Agreement by Bridge Partners® s.r.l. is subject to judicial practice and the laws in force and no part of this Agreement may be interpreted as an exception to the right of Bridge Partners® s.r.l. to comply with it in relation to requests concerning the use of this site by anyone or concerning information provided to Bridge Partners® s.r.l. or acquired by the company in relation to such use.

Unique and exclusive agreement

This Agreement constitutes the sole and exclusive agreement between the User and Bridge Partners® s.r.l in relation to this site and cancels and replaces any previous or concurrent communication in this regard between the User and Bridge Partners® s.r.l, whatever the means of expression.

Company Data

Company Name: Bridge Partners® s.r.l Share
Capital: € 10,000.00
C. FISC. and VAT number: IT 09186900016
Registered Office Corso Moncenisio 63/2, 10090 Rosta (To) - Italy
Register of Companies 1031444
Competent Court: Torino